Welcome to Atom Locks by
Wolf Enterprises

Wolf enterprises is a leading manufacturer of high quality security locks, hardware fitting for door, window & furniture from last two decades.The company is committed to entire satisfaction to customer for innovative products excellent quality.

Our production unit is situated at (Tala nagri, Industrial Area, Aligarh). Unit equipped with modern CNC machines, Hi – Tech plants with qualified and hard working team, which is also committed to deliver high – quality standard product to the customers.


Atom stands for trusted innovation and protects millions of homes and businesses worldwide and is the brand behind locks of every design and function in over 6 countries.

As one of the oldest brands, Atom is among the best-known and most respected names in the lock industry, with millions of Atom locks in use worldwide.

At Atom, we take great pride in our beginnings. Everything we are today, we owe to the inspirational ingenuity of Naveen Brijvasi.

Atom is a part of the Wolf Enterprises. At WE, we believe that freedom enriches people and that fear makes us poorer. To realize freedom, we must firstly feel safe and secure.

“We have a simple mission, to provide best quality product & Services to every customers.”

Our Milestones

2001. Beginnings

Atom has its roots in Western Utar Pradesh, INDIA. We began designing and manufacturing a series of innovative, high security locks for Local Supply Chain.

2010. Expansion

In 2010 Wolf Enterprises came into existense and has since then been an important part of the global leader in door opening solutions.

2015. Industrial Area

In opening of this year we started to shift to bigger space as we are growing with team hard work and support, We shifted to Industrial Area of Aligarh till year end.

2020. Vocal the Local

As we are proudly promote and encourage Made in India inour every products, we launched our E-Commerce portal & Android App for the ease of our customers worldwide and to support the Digital revolution in Global Era.

The Production Unit

Our production unit is situated at (Tala nagri, Industrial Area, Aligarh). Unit equipped with modern CNC machines, Hi-tech plants with qualified and hard working team.


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